Privacy Policy- We Promote Player Welfare Every Time

We are committed to a transparent gaming and online resource platform. What we offer are guides and online casino information and we do not carry real money games. Also, we do not partner with online casino operators which means that you can only get a collection of objective and fair review of sites and bonuses. Our intention is to collect industry information, bonuses, and game details and it’s up to you to make an informed judgment. When using our platform, you can be sure that your privacy is protected. But as soon as you click one of the casinos highlighted here, their own policies apply. Make it a point to review the privacy policy of every website your visit.

All information and resources included here are designed to inform and educate players like you. We strive to provide complete and correct information at all times. But there are times when some information may be inaccurate or dated due to changes made by operators without prior notice. To ensure the accuracy of our contents, we reserve the right to amend, change, or edit our contents when we see it. Keep in mind that most casino promotions are subject to certain conditions including restrictions. It is up to players like you to check if you qualify for an offer.

This policy also explains how we treat user information and personal details. Technical information and data are collected to promote a stress-free user experience. The personal details collected are also used to come up with highly targeted promotions and offers for players like you. But we make sure that these personal details are protected and fully encrypted. We are responsible for the safety and security of all your personal details. If you have other concerns and questions regarding our procedures, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.